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Please Fiverr, you need to fix this

I understand that this happens, but I can’t see how this should be a ding on my metrics.


Yeah. This totally bites, :smirk: the buyer was banking on the fact that you would delivery same day!
Totally not fair to us sellers, I mean, really. How hard is it to PAY for expedited delivery? :triumph: The dagger is the cxl it will hurt. Why oh why do we have to suffer for ‘some’ buyers inability to read or for their cheapness.


I agree that if you are getting cancellations because of late delivery of rudeness, yes that should be a CS issue. But how about a flag where you can cancel with CS review. Then in instances like this CS can cancel it and not ding you. Just seems fair.


Totally agree, if it is not our (sellers) fault, Fiverr should do something about it. I had cancellations only because people did not read my Gig and though I am able to do Spanish to English translations when I do English to Spanish only. Frustating!


Yes, I do agree with this post. This is something Fiverr should do about.

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That’s what some of us have been telling since the beginning, but back in January we got lot of “work harder” & “stop whining” responses.


You’re clearly not freelancing hard enough @newsmike. Why should Fiverr burden themselves with your problems? It is you is it not, who has failed to erect a 50ft neon sign by your gig page detailing everything you do and don’t do?

This situation can be easily reconciled by you prioritizing this order and delivering asap. Or are you simply not in the spirit of doing today?


Annoying to say the least… its one of my biggest gripes with Fiver.

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Think this is everyone’s biggest gripe!


Can everyone stop what they are doing please?
I think I heard a penny dropping somewhere.


I recall those responses surrounding the issues of sellers who were not delivering their jobs on time, or not responding to buyers within 24 hours, as they are things that the seller can actually control. I don’t recall anyone advising someone who had been demoted specifically because of cancellations requested because the seller changed their mind to “work harder”.

Something similar happened to me! Super annoying and frustrating when it’s not a problem on your end.

I haven’t seen too many people (if any) who disagree that the cancellation issue is the big problem. That’s what the poll reflected as well, which was sent to staff for review. I don’t know if that will help, but I think most of those who support the leveling system overall still want a system that sellers have some control over. It helps a little bit that most of the stats (delivery time, response rate) but it doesn’t mean that everyone loves everything about it.


All I can think of is to send him an extra for the cost of rush delivery (no matter how pricy it has to be) and/or to explain to him that you need to deliver the order since it was already placed. Even if he argues, it’s worth a shot. Some buyers give in if you just make it very clear. If not, you can always cancel or try asking CS if they can arrange a cancellation without an impact on your stats.


I’ll leave it at that. No point repeating old threads :slight_smile:
Now enough people have been affected by this new system so hopefully changes will be made.


Yes. Fiverr should do something about it - as sellers have complained about the issue like a million times already on the forum - but it appears they actually don’t give a sh*t about our plight on this platform.

Yet they call us “doers”, and we are supposed to keep “doing” even when the odds are stacked against us.


We had a buyer recently who spent about $100 on our voiceover gig, and IMMEDIATELY replied to it saying “Actually, I just realised I didn’t get the script approved. Please wait and I’ll let you know when we’re good to go.”

3 days went by and nothing, so we put the order into dispute due to lack of information. About a day later the buyer returned. “Yeah, script has been rejected. Thanks anyway, how do I get my money back?”

And our delivery rate went down a notch. We’re still OK, and above the dreaded 90%… But we get a surprising number of orders like this (or variations of this). It doesn’t take a genius to see who is at fault there.

I think Fiverr will change this… I just don’t see any benefits of the current system.

But then, I’ve always been an optimist!


These are the worst because you can’t even say that you’ve already completed it and you deserve to get paid.
If they change their mind within minutes then it’s difficult to refuse a refund. You can’t explain to the buyer that you’ll get a spanking for every cancellation no matter what.