Please fix Fiverr


This new forum is lovely. Obviously a lot of work and thought has gone into it. But how do these advances keep getting made while Fiverr’s ordering system still has the fundamental flaw that a lot of us have been complaining about for over a year??

Fiverr, please drop everything else and get to work of fixing it so buyers can order multiples and extras in the same order! I’ve had facebook discussions about this with Micha, Natalie, and ALL the sellers on Fiverr Chat. All the top sellers that I know are in universal agreement that THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED. Micha said the ordering system was designed this way intentionally, but it just makes no sense.

I have asked and asked and asked and asked about this. I’ve complained to support, and appealed directly to CEO Micha, but this still is getting nowhere. EVERY DAY I have a problem with this where some buyer can’t figure out how to order what he wants. So they under-order, or make multiple orders, and I have to waste my time chasing them up, getting the money they owe me, explaining the system, and apologizing for Fiverr’s system.

I’ve been told they’re working on this, or they’re considering it. But NOTHING keeps happening. We’re still stuck with the same old order page where you can’t get multiples AND extras together. Please, sellers, keep fanning the flames of this until Fiverr FIXES it.



Ah, the Professor! Love your gigs.

My empathy and heart is with you. I can think of a number of rational reasons there were controls and limits built into the ordering system. If you want I can even share them as someone who understands “Risk Management” from a Visa/Mastercard and other eCommerce perspectives…

…what I will say is there’s another approach.

IF it seems clear to you that there is going to be no or slow change on this, find a different way to approach the problem. Set up more gigs such that you do not use the multiples but rather only the gig Extras.

Break down the service, …so you could have

"Have Professor Puppet Be in His Office for $5"

Then the gig extras are the "times"

If you have an extra like HD


Have Professor Puppet in HD in his Hoffice for $5

then the gig extras represent the higher ammounts.

You can even do

Up to 2 minutes part 1 of 2 $50

Up to two minutes part 2 of 2 $50

(Not real numbers just illustrative.


Agreed! I find it’s just so confusing for buyers - the majority of questions or queries I deal with every day are “how do i order multiple gigs with an extra”


I agree. I have buyers purchase more than 1 item quite often and then complain they can no longer add extras… it’s sort of a pain to back and forth to different orders just to cover 1 project.


No at all impressed with the forum design or background… I hope this would get updated soon:)



Completely agree!!! I have to make “excuses” for fiverr to frustrated and confused customers then re explain to probably 3/10 HOW to order. And most of the time it takes 3 days of back and fourth messaging with customers to fully understand what they want and until they have paid enough.

They are also buying one extra and “ticking” another e.g to cover word count which should be done in multiple orders so its more messaging and time wasted. I’ve also had a few want all the extras and to cover the word count have bought extra fast delivery so I’m forced to cancel or to complete their order (which I end up doing 9 times out of 10) so that puts pressure on me.


'Super imposing ur oorl’

I agree with PP too!!!


I agree too.

I also think it should be possible to add more gigs to the order.

When ordering a single gig buyer can add the extras later also should be possible to add gigs.

Am I right professorpuppet?


I can certainly see where you’re coming from. I have one repeat customer who orders multiple gigs, and then “combines” them to get the extra. That means two “extra” gigs for the price of a 4-gig order, for example. He hasn’t complained to me but I’m sure both of us would prefer what you suggested, Anarchofighter.


By the way, StoryTeller, I wasn’t able to send you a question about your gig. It had the “For privacy reasons, this user may not be contacted directly.” let me see if it’s fixed. Nope, and today you don’t have a gig up :slight_smile:

Can you reach out to me please…if you’re not terribly busy?


I dont have this kind of problem ever…


Reply to oldbittygrandma: Me to, sometimes it is a waiting game


Reply to oldbittygrandma: I really do believe that in the next few months we are going to see some big changes come to fiverr including fixing or adjusting this issue


It would be nice to have the “upgrade/upsell” right there on the same page with a TOTAL that the customer can see.


yes, it should be fixed


It should be fixed. This feature would be great if it’s modified/updated. :slight_smile:


Same here! Please fix this Fiverr :slight_smile:


I have had one occurrence with this as well. Someone ordered an illustration from me but did not understand they had to order an extra for color. I just went ahead and gave them the color for free though because I’m not making enough yet to take a chance of losing business.


I totally agree with the professor! he has a point, customers would orders more if the system was fixed.


Totally agree with the ordering flaw.

Also, I am not sure if I am the only person that suffers from this (I admit I haven’t read all the comments in this thread), but the messaging system needs to be worked on. I would love to be able to archive messages.

Oh, and when I click on the x, that should mean that I’ve read the message…

We’ll get there in the end guys.


Jaymes, Kaprico