Please fix Sales area statistics and analytics


I think it’s really helpful to have details such as money earned, orders created, positive review percentage, etc available in a good looking and easy to use way. But the statistics are always wrong!!!

I have two active gigs listed, not 1 as the page says. I have 7 orders completed, not 2, with 6 positive reviews not 1, not to mention have earned 4 times as much as is listed.

These numbers change all the time back and forth between correct and incorrect. How can we put any trust in the analytics when they are so obviously inconsistent?

Does this happen to anyone else? Is there any explanation or time frame on a fix for this?


Yeah the Analytics are totally bonkers, nothing is correct on the page.

It does not seem to update or display anything in real time, or close to real time.

Useless as it is now…