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PLEASE, Fix the Search Algorithm! (POLL)


Fiverr, please don’t skip this post, as it’s a big issue over a lot of sellers and it means a lot to me and them too.

(I’m not sure if this post is gonna be here for long, as posts like this one usually get deleted or closed fast.)

My summary from the comments:

2/3 of the people had problems with the search algorithm and 1/3 didn’t have any problems.

Although all beggings in the forum and support, Fiverr staff will most likely not pay attention and not fix this problem, because they don’t really care about our struggles. They have their own algorithm and don’t seem to be looking forward to changing it. (Sounds harsh, but is the truth itself, correct me if I’m wrong.)

Why this topic?

I noticed several sellers complaining about the Search Algorithm in the last few days, and since I experienced the same problem, I decided to join their protest by making a summary topic.

My story:

I am in Fiverr from a long time ago, however, I had to quit for 6 months. Once I came back, I noticed a lot of things changed, and something weird happened. Of course, as I was inactive for a long time ago, my gigs weren’t even visible in the search. I started to regain my rank, by sending buyer requests. And I did regain it, I went to the first page again. People started buying my gigs, and they were like viral until this happened. My gigs, which were on the first page a day ago went straight back to the end of the last page.

My mention and summary:

I don’t think this is how the search algorithm is supposed to work. I agree that I’m not always supposed to be number one and that other sellers should have chance too, however, if that was how the search algorithm works, I wouldn’t go straight back to the last page. I would be gradually going backward in the search results as people overtake me. However, being on last page means that I even went behind the old “dead” gigs, staying there from years without any activity.

If you have something against that, I will be happy to discuss, as I wanna know what is going on.

Let’s see how much of you experienced this problem:

  • My gig was sent back in the search.
  • My gig never was sent back in the search.

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Thanks for all the votes! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ve been here since 2014. To my knowledge, no post begging Fiverr to fix its algorithm has resulted in Fiverr saying, "okay, give us five minutes, there you go, everything should be back to normal now."

In short, you’re just going to have to get over it.

That’s not going to be what you want to hear, but this is how it is.


So sorry to hear that, people should have some rights to speak in Fiverr. Don’t get me wrong, I can speak but noone will notice.


When they fix it, tag me. :pineapple:


Update, I did all I could. The rest depends on Fiverr:


@nikavoice, did you experience the same problem too? Sry, for tagging you that early, :no_mouth:


The algorithm is working the way it’s supposed to - from Fiverr’s point of view.

You’re thinking of google - that’s not how the Fiverr algorithm works.


Oh, rly? Is this how it works? It gets sent straight to back, where no one will ever notice you again? This is so unfair! Fiverr should deffinetly do something about this.

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You should know by now 5r algorithm is like a mythical creature. :unicorn:
Why stress over things you cannot control?

Another thing is be careful on how you approach CS. Remember to always be polite!


At this point I am starting to miss GIG impressions, views and clicks…


I’m sorry if I’m not polite, I’m trying my best, I’m not native, so being polite is kinda hard for me.

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I am also facing the issue i deliver 3 order today from which 1 is accepted and he give me 5 star rating and after rating my was directly landed on the last page and another gig was first invisible for 4 day after sharing on facebook it comeback to top rank but yesterday again after 1 week my gig become invisible and now its on last page with my other gig


Can you see over than 23rd page?

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I completely agreed with @insects44 . Same happened with me. I am stuck at last page. Even I completed 11 orders after moving to bottom. In my Category If you search Google Adsense in first page you will see sellers with 1.0 review and with no review I am with 5 rating to the last page.
You can see proof of 1.0 rating on first page.

Screenshot (655)_LI
So i guess now Fiverr should take action.


This goes to prove that concept of removing inactive sellers. Not only he has 1 star, he has not been on site for over a year. Fiverr should really purge this from site.
Maybe set it up that user has to log in once a week or once a month to keep his gigs alive on search. if he does not log in in 30 days, his gigs go on paused.


Yes. There are many examples. I think our suggestions and complains are not producing any effect. Only I see people daily post usual and repetitive things. Fiverr Team is busy in their work. We can only wait for good news that search is working well.


No one on the fiverr staff reads these posts, so you are correct.


My gig with 16 5* reviews is on the last page of my niche and gig with 2 reviews are on the top i don’t know what’s going on i think my gigs are playing role of invisible gig sometimes


Yes, they don’t have time to listen everyone here or read threads. As we can guess from Customer Support Response Team. But we can consider not to blame Fiverr for every reason. We can imagine thousands of new sellers asking basic question. Also there is a huge load on their network when the site of traffic increases.

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It is not that they don’t have time. It is that this is not where you file a complaint. You do that at customer support. They have NEVER read this forum and you are mistaking this forum as some place that the staff looks at. It is not. It never has been.

Look at the title of this thread, as if anyone on fiverr’s staff looks at this. They do not read the forum. @insects44 You’ve been here a long time. I like you. I’m sure you must know fiverr staff does not see this thread?