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PLEASE, Fix the Search Algorithm! (POLL)

Wait what? Tell us how! This is what we need! So much sellers are having bad day right now. Be helpful, please.

Or are you one of those who don’t care about others too? Damn… Cruel world. :disappointed:

I find it hilarious that you are arguing with two former moderators and experienced sellers who have given huge amounts of time to the forum and provided helpful advice for years, yet you are claiming to be the virtuous one who is fighting for the unfortunate while being bullied and attacked.
All because you created one post that is almost identical to hundreds of others and not offering any solutions whatsoever.
Keep up the good work.


I would, if I could, however I can’t. I am searching for a solution. If you are moderators and experienced sellers, why don’t you just help a bit?

Something positive, finally. Thx.

To me, you are just an insect, sorry. :wink:

It’s not a case of not caring. It’s a case of me doing what was right for me. i.e. 2+ weeks of analyzing the search, my competitors, revamping my gigs and tailoring what I offer better to my target market.

Do you really want me to put my life on hold for 2-weeks to do all that for you or the next person who offers something completely different to what I do? Even if you offered the same as me, why would I help my competition?

Pull out your own finger. - Or antenna…


OK, I kinda love those jokes. Lol.

World-still-cruel, thought.

I get sick of the constant complaints about the same thing that people have answered many many times before. The fact is that as soon as the algorithm works well for one group of people then there are 10 other groups that will be complaining. There is no perfect algorithm that can keep everyone happy.
Have a scroll through the topics I have created in the past and you will find actual practical advice that anyone can implement themselves without relying on an algorithm.

Lots more here too


Thanks for this poll insects44!
I am struggling for 1.5 months with this issue when our Gigs’ impressions, clicks, and views went missing.

It was working well for me when that happened I tried creating multiple new gigs and thought that would help but it didn’t. As a result, I am not receiving any response whatsoever from buyers.

Then I thought maybe try some buyer requests and get some orders going and that would help the gig boost up but it didn’t.

I have decided to keep out from it until they have this issue fixed.

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@sameed_webdev, I feel like the search algorithm bug and this analytics bug have something in common.


We can only hope for the best…


It does have ! Again it’s my opinion but some people here would rather boast about everything is OK when it isn’t.

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I know you are all ex moderators and old sellers, you have the right to use the words to your satisfaction.


Guys, please don’t argue that much. This post is supposed to be support for those who are struggling (althought nobody is trying to support except for me :slightly_frowning_face: ).

(click me) The only way I can support is this:

Make sure your tags are what people will search in the search bar. Then:

  1. Use tags all separated, no two words in one tag. Try to use synonyms instead of 2-worded tags. This is what I use:

  2. Use your tags in your title:

  3. Use more of your tags in your description, without making them way too many (I tried my best to add as many tags as possible without making it too much):

Once you edit a gig, it may disappear from the search for about 24 hours, but you have a chance to get it in front of other gigs once it appears again. If your gig becomes viral (receives a lot of orders), NEVER edit your gig, as it may go back in the search results page.

If this doesn’t work, apply for buyer requests, they may bring someone to you. If there are no buyer requests, stay online more, and refresh the page more often. If you tried to send proposals and never succeed, here are some tips on how to make your offers work:

Tips For Buyer Requests- From a Seller

ATTENTION, I’M STILL NOT SURE IF THIS METHOD WORKS! It only worked for me by far. If someone else did it and it worked for them too, then this is the way to go!

I got nothing else, so I am searching… :mag_right: Nobody is tryina help me either.


One problem I have is that people say the SEO method doesn’t work. There is something else going on. And I can’t understand what.

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You can always write it from your perspective and slap a disclaimer on it that it’s your opinion and your experience. It won’t hurt to give people an option to try.

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They tried and it didn’t work:

I seriously am not ready to have a discussion about ranking. Sometimes my gig is in the middle of the 3rd page and I’m swimming in orders. Sometimes it’s the top of page 1 and I get nothing for days. I don’t have any theories but I’m intrigued by the theories that exist.

And again, the forum is full of “give me any advice!!!” posts. This could motivate people to try something, anything at all.


@cyaxrex said what he did to improve his situation. @eoinfinnegan wrote an entire series of posts to help (and was kind to give you links to all of them, so you don’t even have to search the forum, you can just click and read). So it’s really not nice of you to say that nobody is trying to help except for you (not to mention that it’s not true).

Of course, there is a bit of a problem with the solutions that they came up with…they require actual work. Continuous work. They’re not offering quick short-term fixes, which seems to be what you’re looking for.


There is a large component of human intervention in where gigs appear that no one but me seems to realize.

There is also a way for fiverr to turn orders on and off for gigs at will regardless of which page they are on. It doesn’t seem doable but somehow they do it.

Each category has someone who devotes their time to only focusing on that category and deciding the layout and arrangement of gigs.

They are looking for certain things having nothing to do with number of reviews or time on fiverr apparently.

For some gigs the algorithm chooses to give it a good rank and for others a human decides.


This, too. It’s an uncomfortable thought but Fiverr can make you invisible even though the ranking is good. And then it can make you so visible that you start to decline orders just to manage the workflow. While you’re on page 22.

It appears to not be connected to your performance (see all the “I have 100/100/100 l, where are my orders” posts). It’s just a whim. Or something.

So, again, build a strong base of regular customers and diversify your income if you can.


It does seem like it. They do have certain things they look for but those things are deliberately obscure. And they mix it up so no one can figure it out.
The algorithm chooses some and the human chooses some.

How they appear on the first page and get no orders… after being flooded with orders, that’s a good trick.

Maybe they break it up into sections of the U.S. and the world so only a tiny section of the world that rarely orders is where the gig is mostly shown.

It’s not even about which gig earns the most sometimes or most of the time.