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PLEASE, Fix the Search Algorithm! (POLL)

Exactly, but in my case they wrote something else too. Have patience, I will explain everything till 11 hours.


great news , so are you think this update (after 11h) having new algorithm to rotation of gigs?

I don’t think Fiverr treats all sellers/gigs equally in the search results (it can’t be totally random). eg. searching for “logo” seems to always currently show around 4 studio gigs and 4 rising talent gigs on the first page of results. It also often shows a “Fiverr’s Choice” gig on the first page The rising talent and Fiverr’s Choice gigs are ones they’re definitely promoting over others.

When I last searched they showed 4 Pro gigs on the first page. Since there are a low percentage of Pro gigs (only around 0.03420% of logo gigs are pro verified), the chances of 4 Pro gigs being shown continuously on the first page by chance alone has got to be very low when there’s about 163,673 logo gigs.

So they must be promoting some gigs over others (eg. Pro, Fiverr’s choice, rising talent, studio gigs).

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Something similar happened to me.
Since I’ve activated the order limit, my sales have dropped.
My Gig was doing well before, but right now I’m only getting orders from my repeat buyers.
I’m not sure, though… whether this is related or not to the order limit.
Hopefully, we will get some new orders soon :slight_smile:


Exactly, I’m tired of all this

Same issue, 2 years i was on the top, even was staying in top 10, but since this May i am facing this weird issue which is not Normal. I contacted Fiverr and they said everything is ok. I was like maybe it is only happened to me, i posted a topic but no use of it then i noticed that it is not only me but there are lot of sellers who are stuck in this situation.

Two days ago, i see my gig again on the top and looks normal in search but today gig is vanished from search again lol. So no idea what kind of algorithm is that.

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yeap even i am delivering orders and getting 5* reviews even i convert 2 buyers from facebook via fiverr they create a fresh account but still my gigs are on last page i try video also

Hello, Same here. Even my gigs is on last page I don’t know how but buyer text me and we worked together. And I received 5 Star. Now I am curious to know how he was able to find be among thousand other sellers even I am on last page.

Hey all, the solution is here as promised:


Please explain we all want to know what to do

I explained, just read.

Last part is my favorite I know a guy who never cares about his ranking, a position. he works here since 2015 and buyers are waiting for him even after a month

He traveled all over the world, but soon as he starts his service, no one can stop him.

my suggestion is to try to build a community around you. Tell your friends you sell services on Fiverr. Contact people who start a business show your talents. Remember, don’t depend on Fiverr.

Share your service with social media. If you’re a designer show off your latent learn new skills. try to promote your service locally attract more buyer

then Fiverr will be realized you’re the one
trust me on that day no one can stop you


Maybe people who are on the first page for several years need to realize that, that is what Fiverr is maybe trying to change. It doesn’t seem fair that only a handful of people get all the orders because of rank position. When there are others who offer a similar service or maybe better that don’t get customers.
I for one am in favor of the new system I think it’s fair and gives everyone a chance.

What you don’t realize is those people that have lots of sales clearly showed they are offering quality services. However, a lot of new people just come here for a quick buck, get a few orders and then they stop their gigs or don’t really do this consistently. Removing older users from search when they fought hard to be there is obviously not the right thing to do. They already monitor performance and remove you anyway if you are not up to the Fiverr standards, regardless of the account age. But letting only new people on the best selling page when they clearly don’t generate a good income for the site is not really the right thing to do.


@donnovan86 I understand what you are saying, but there many also that give up on Fiverr because they get no orders, who would be capable of providing a good service and make a lot of money. Maybe Fiverr is trying to help those people. Also, someone who is really busy can drop their standards if they rush orders and rotation of rankings is a good solution for that. People who have been on the site and doing well should in theory not be affected as they should have recurring customers anyway. But I guess this just shows how important ranking can be for a business.

Fiverr already drops you from search or de-ranks you if you have cancellations or bad reviews, that’s valid for everyone.

And I wouldn’t bet on recurring customers. Some people come a year or two after they made an order, others buy once a few months, so relying only on recurring customers is not the way to make a living here.

Unfortunately in the past few months due to the pandemic a lot of low quality gigs emerged, and now everyone has issues with their gig ranking. Even for me, all my gigs right now are not in search at all. But it happens, and I am sure they will get back in a few days or so even if I am on the first page for at least 2 of them. Now they are nowhere to be seen. And obviously other, newer people enjoy the spotlight.

I absolutely appreciate this post. Many sellers including myself are facing the same algorithm problem . I think the customer service should take notice of this problem and get it fixed asap.Moreover the poll describes that it as actually a problem faced by many here. Reaching out to the customer service might be a considerable idea.


Many seller have already tried this including me, But it didn’t help. They are just sending template to everyone.

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I am in contact with CS from last 2 days and they send me same template but i ask them questions again and again hope they can understand