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Please get in here, I need some advice

Okay I’m not a new seller, but I have been having trouble getting orders. My best selling gigs were all removed. I did create a new one few weeks ago but after making two to three sales, it was also removed. So now I’ve created a new one (research and summaries category) and I need someone to please review the gig and let me know if I’ve done everything right.
Thanks :raised_hands:

I’m sorry to hear that. What were the best-selling gigs that were removed? Maybe knowing that will help avoid whatever triggered their removal in the first place and help prevent future removals.

Nevermind, I understand it now.

“a vast range of academic discipline.”

and reviews stating things like:

That was an amazing research paper you wrote

I needed a paper done for class, and the Seller, who was extremely friendly and cooperative delivered a great paper for a relatively good price.

Delivered my research paper before the committed time.

Ok @freenzy0, here is your issue:

Academic work gigs are against Fiverr ToS. They are considered cheating and unethical, and Fiverr does not allow them.

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The first was gig’s title was " I will deliver an exceptional research article" and the other was “provide a well researched model paper”.

I clearly stated on the gig description that the articles I provide are model papers and only for personal use.

Even though your intentions were good, it’s really hard to guarantee that you won’t end up writing a research paper for students if you offer a research article gig. Even as someone who doesn’t do research papers, I get asked if I’ll do them just because I’m a writer. (Of course, as a student writer, I’m busy procrastinating from my own assignments to do other people’s :stuck_out_tongue: )

Personally, I’d recommend offering a broader article gig so you can spread things out and draw fewer students. That’ll also make your gig safer.