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Please Get Sellers Out of Buyers Request Area

It’s getting worse. It’s barely worth even looking there anymore,when the majority of posts are from sellers saying “I’m looking for work.” ALL SELLERS are looking for work, and we already have profiles and gigs stating what we will do. I feel the ones who post in the wrong place may be getting an unfair advantage over those who do it properly.

Sheriff’s Note: This topic has been covered in many threads and this thread is closed due to duplication. You may want to check out a post that already has many responses.

Seconding this. I thought all requests were moderated by Fiverr, so why are they letting seller spam slip through? I’m tempted to post my own request just to see why people are doing it and what sort of replies come through.

Nearly all the requests I see on my Buyers Request today are from sellers advertising their services. It’s like why even bother looking… Very annoying. But that figures!

Saw 6 today at the top of the list alone! Most of these seem to be really new buyers (joined a month ago or less) or buyers that have had like 2 reviews.

Maybe Fiverr needs to set up a warning system, like if it detects you are a seller, put a message up like “buyer requests are for those looking for a seller, are you sure you want to post?” - for newbies that don’t know they shouldn’t post (unless they do know, they just think it’s a good idea to post in the buyer request!)

They need to do SOMETHING, for sure. I keep seeing all the responses these ads get, and I wonder if it’s sellers telling them they’re not supposed to do that, or if it’s people actually sending them offers.

I agree, emeraldawnn, I’m at the point of not even bothering to look anymore, although I have gotten a number of orders that way in the past. Fiverr needs to fix this.

Preaching to the choir. I don’t know what the story is about moderation. I posted a buyer request looking for new sellers to buy gigs from with a link back to my thread about it. They took it down fairly quickly. Yet, I’ve written to them with screenshots about the seller spam and don’t see any of them get removed, so I’m not sure when and why they moderate.

Just like this forum, $5 services gets you $5 worth of marketing education and ethics. These people are desperate for $5 and don’t care or know where they post their gigs. Fiverr is becoming FULL of these as they market harder in foreign countries, including India. India is filled with ‘high pressure’ sales people and have no sense of respect or courtesy for others in their marketplace. They are like ravenous dogs who will disgrace and ignore anyone who says ‘no’ or doesn’t want/need their services. Real businesses don’t want to operate that way and won’t. Uneducated sales and marketing people have to spam and ruin it for those who operate with ethics and professionalism. This is Fiverr and you can expect more of it in the future…

Maybe since this is my last post in this forum, I’ll use that time to mess with those sellers and then report em for spam…lol!

Reply to @pfpgogo: you’re part of the problem then. so you get caught and want to take everyone down with you? You’re looking for sellers to buy gigs?? What kind of nonsense is that? Just plain ridiculous and sad really.