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Please give a review after order completed

hello to all buyers…im requesting all buyers to give a review after your order completed because its very helpful for other buyers to select a gig easily and with the other hand very helpful for good sellers to grow up. no matter is your review positive or negative.thanks.


I leave it up to each buyer to decide for himself or herself whether or not to leave a review. I don’t always want to leave a review and buyers should not feel obligated to do this.


How do i give a review to irresponsible seller who reject offer

What did you offer to the seller that he rejected?

its not really affects top top rated seller like you…review are very useful for level 1,2 sellers…also to new buyer for good selection…thats why i I suggested that.

I agree with @misscrystal. I like (good) reviews as much as the next person but I’d never try and bribe, encourage or even mention that a buyer should leave a review. It’s entirely up to them. As a buyer I don’t like it when people try to bribe me or even encourage me to review. It sounds vaguely desperate.
And I definitely wouldn’t be encouraging a buyer to leave a negative review. That’s just bad business. You should try and resolve any negativity outside the review process, especially as a new or level 1 seller, and ideally after that too.

Simply ask your buyer something like this;
“If you liked my service, I would appreciate if you left an honest review.
It really helps me alot to grow my business” (It always worked for me). OR over deliver your gig, you will see the magic. Best customer care and quality gig will make you grow.

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@britney22 Right!! we are 100% agree wiht your post. very helpful for good sellers to grow up.

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@britney22 Right!! we are 100% agree with your post. very helpful for good sellers to grow up.

hi dear i hope you will fine
please you can help me

hi dear i hope you will fine please you can help me

doesn’t matter

@ilyosinnc thank you my friend. wish you happy business

how can i?

You can’t expect everyone to know the platform very well, There are lots of new customers and they simply don’t know what to do after getting their job done. And simply nice conversation won’t kill anyone.

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I don’t think there is anything wrong in asking your buyers to leave a review. I don’t agree that its ‘begging’ if you politely ask for it once while delivering and leave it up to the buyer. If you have delivered quality work, more than 90% of the times the buyer will leave reviews. Fiverr does a good job motivating the buyers to review as its posted on the buyer’s dashboard.

That’s what we do. It just all comes down to how you word it. From there, if the buyer leaves feedback, great. If they don’t, great. Like you said, as long as quality work is provided then 9 out of 10 times the buyer will leave feedback on their order.

I have just completed my first experience with fiverr with mixed feelings and I have read the comments related to reviews with interest. I have the impression that the lady I worked with on an ebook cover was young, inexperienced and eager. She asked me to post a review, pointing out the obvious that five stars are best but, to my dismay, ASKING IN CAPITAL LETTERS FOR A TIP! We had, of course, agreed a price for the job that she appeared to have found reasonable. I have to say that, having dealt with a whole range of services and professions, I have never before been asked for a tip.
I was also asked for a review and I was able to do so favorably and with a good conscience but I feel that I could have made valuable feedback to her personally (via fiverr, of course) that would not have been subject to public scrutiny and open to misinterpretation. I appreciate how difficult it is to begin and develop a business in a very competitive market and how easy it is for well-meant criticism to rebound.

I’m agree with you.

Hi.there…I am a seller.I have a byer that he could not left the review but he wants to give a reveiw us.Problem is that.He tried but its not work.Order already completed by him.I want a tip for give to that person.Could you please help me?