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Please give me a buyer request massages . your best experience

anyone, please help me. I sent buyer request but the buyer can not impress my massages.
please give me a buyer request massages . your best experience

thank you so much.


Hi, I don’t think that Thier is need of Very professional message/buyer request cause of which Buyer will inspire from it and order you, because thier is more than 50 people respond to each Buyer request so it’s clear that seller can’t read all the 50 or more than 50 replies.
But don’t lose hope, Try your best and keep going…

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No, we are not going to tell you exactly what to write in the Buyer Request section. The whole point is for YOU to respond to the buyer’s needs, and present them with a customized offer to solve those needs. Respond to the buyer’s request, and show them how you are the best person to hire for their requested job.


If you type “write buyer request” in the search bar above you will find several posts on how to write an effective reply to a Buyer Request.


If you been trying to give the customer a massage that is where you are going wrong. you cannot send massages. Not yet anyway.


Ha, my thoughts entirely. I’d quite like a massage but maybe not here.

Please can you try to clarify what you mean? The question is quite confusing, so I am not sure what it is you need from us. I will try and help if I can better understand the question.

Are you saying that buyers do not understand your messages? What did you mean by ‘cannot impress my messages’?