Please give me a work! i want some work


Hi, My name is Rajat and I am new here at Fiverr. I requested all the buyers to give me some work as I am doing Fiverr full time and want to earn my Living and beyond.



Hi Rajat,

I saw your fiverr profile and gigs. Don’t want to hurt you but it’s not a professional manner to request buyers to give some work. If you are a professional then talk like one. :slight_smile:

Here is what you can do to improve,

  1. Update your fiverr profile image, that’s too blurry. Providing a Clear profile image will gain the trust of sellers
  2. Add your skills and description about your self.
  3. Analyse some competitors gig and you will get some ideas of how gig are created and what information needed on the gigs as your gig to have very less content and one image which are not enough for having project.
  4. Send buyer request regularly and write the buyer request professionally.
  5. Create the same gig on multiple categories to get more buyer request
  6. Do some gig marketing to get more clicks, views, and impression.
  7. To get more and more helpful tips and tricks, be active on fiverr forum community.

You can visit this link:
you will find many posts about how to get more order, Tips, and many resources.

Best of luck. :slight_smile: