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Please give me advice from new shoppers

I am a seller, I have encountered cases where the purchaser does not comply with my performances, my description makes 40 shots easy, a lot of times they sent additional images can be 1 day, 2 days, with the images difficult, very difficult, and they do not buy a new order, if I unbegun them will be bad rating, give me advice.

If I understood you correctly, you don’t have to give anything that is not covered in your description. If a buyer requests something extra and don’t pay for it, the rules are on your side and you can ask customer support to help you. If it happens a lot, you may want to see if you can improve the description so people understand better.

Man, stop giving people good advice. This is the Fiverr Forum!

@longvn Though, I haven’t seen your gigs. In general, you just need to be clear in your gig description on what are the things you’re doing on the respective price(s). Same goes with buyer request submission, if you use it. After your delivery of work, if your buyer asks for more for what s/he hasn’t paid you, you may politely remind them of the contract and be clam. If they threaten or mark you negative, let them do it and contact customer support. If you have delivered what buyers had purchased and you’re marked negative for what was not included in the purchase, fiverr support will surely help you out. You may ask them beforehand if you have any doubts regarding this. Hope it helps.

Whoops! D:

Thank you everyone for the useful advice!

Still provide the best service to customers.