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Please give me advise, other sellers are copying the actual files/pics I use for my gig


I am a new member here in fiverr. (around 15 days old) and Im doing my best to serve my buyers to the best of my ability and in all courtesy. Yesterday (Dec 5), I posted files for a new gig (create a sports character). I am very sad and disappointed that two fiverr sellers ( fathimamafiza and vic1to1ri1 ) have actually used the very same file I made. I am making this post in the hope that fiverr management/ admin can make the appropriate action to stop this, and also, my fellow decent sellers can pursue an awareness campaign against plagiarism and stealing other seller’s files and use it for their gigs. Let us maintain a clean and honest manner in the way we do business.


FYI - You are not allowed to call out others by name here on the forums. I would advise you edit the names out or the Sheriffs will do it for you.

That being said, I checked out those other Gigs and it is obvious they stole from you because they were too lazy and/or stupid to remove your name from the graphics. Good on them for being such idiots.

All you need to do is contact Customer Support and file a ticket. Also let CS know they copied your descriptions too. It is probably worth your while to do some screen grabs just so you have visual proof.

Best of Luck


Hi there, sorry to hear what you are going through, but you can’t mention

other seller’s names here on the forum.

I can understand your frustration though ( I have had a similar experience), what you can do is contact those 2 sellers and ask them politely to remove those images, or go straight to customer support and report those 2 people.

EDIT: OK, I went to see one of those sellers’ gig, and it’s true, both guys were

actually dumb enough to leave the original seller’s name in the image…

well, there you go, I am sure CS will remove it right away!!


If they’re dumb enough to leave the seller’s name on the image, then they DESERVE to be reported. Speak directly with Customer Support. Don’t bother contacting them.


Hi there. I am so thankful that you took time to read my post. And I am equally thankful that you gave me advices. Ok. I will do it.

And as for mentioning their names, Im so sorry. Newbie mistake. I won’t do it again. Thank you for the reminder, you guys are so kind.

Best regards, and big cheers to all of you.


Now heres the kicker. Just for my own interest I did a Google Image search of the two aforementioned “Sellers” other art Gigs. The first slimebag appears to have stolen art from two different Fiverr Sellers Gigs. Slimebag number two stole art from yet another Sellers Gig. I have informed the real Sellers so hopefully they will report this to Customer Support and get the slimebags banned from Fiverr permanently.


Reply to @anigrams:

Wow, seriously???

I guess some people are so darn desperate to get extra cash, and the best way they can

do it is through cheating and stealing. Amazing.

I really do hope those 2 guys get banned right away!!




Not to add insult to injury but I checked out your key image on your top selling gig on Google Images and although I didn’t find any Fiverr Sellers using it, there are people on other sites apparently using it. I’m not sure if you licensed it to them but it is out there.

I’m going to PM you a screenshot.