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Please give me an advice

Hello guys,
I was a bit confused how should I title the topic but here is the problem:
I customer contacted me for a photo restoration. He wanted a photo to be restored but the image is with really poor quality. It looks like it is a downloaded thumbnail. I offered him to restore only a part of it so I can show him the results and if he is okay with it I will make a custom offer. He said the restored part is too blurry and wanted some color adjustments, but with a quality like this I cannot make something really good. I told him that. Then he did not answer anything and bought a gig about restoration. Then I received a message “try to make it not too blurry, message me when you are done so I can confirm”. On 5th July I sent a preview. Today I still do not have any answer and the delivery time is 5 days. So tomorrow is the deadline.
So my question is do I have the right to deliver it on the 5th day of the offer and if continues to ask me for things that could not be made better as the quality does not allow it to tell him that the period he had time to ask for things to be made on the offer has expired? I feel like he wants the deadline to come and then to start working on it…
Please, if anyone could give me an advice I am open for it.