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Please give me any tip about optimize my gig


hello everybody I’m new freelancer .please give me some tips about optimizing my gig.I will be grateful to you.


You can find all the tips you need by reading through the many topics on the forum. Please take responsibility for your own knowledge, and make use of the fantastic resources already available. We don’t have the time to stop and give personal attention to every person that asks for us to do their work for them. You can read. You can research. Please do so.

If you have questions – after you know how Fiverr works, and have already read the tips we have provide to other people who have asked the same questions you have – then we would be happy to help you.

Good luck, and happy reading!


thanks brother for your reply.


I am not your brother (since we do not have the same mother). Nor do we share any sort of comradeship. If you wish to address me, please do so by my name, which is clearly listed next to my forum image.


@tanvir_aminul when you send buyer request then not write "oh brother i am a designer and offer…ect.