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Please give me some advice about willing orders

What is the (10 offers left today) means and how can I get more order.
Please give me some advice.


Hello Vivan how are you?
=> 1. Your (10 Offers left today) is the notification on your “Buyers Request” section, that indicates the limitation on your daily offers, that you can place.

  1. To get more orders, you should promote your gig on different social media platforms, especially facebook. Here you can get live audiences, who are actually in search of freelancers. Just search on the specific community/group you are willing to give services to.

  2. Then continue to send offers to buyers, with specific and eye-catching wordings and with professionalism.

  3. Everyday you will get 10 offers to submit, try each day. Who knows, tomorrow you get a potential order.

  4. Try to remain online, as much as possible. For that, download fiverr app on your phone and remain online for 24/7.

If you need further help, you can inform me. I will help you.

THANK YOU SO MUCH ( Stay well stay safe)


@vivian156 This might help you.

How a New Seller can get Frequent New Orders

yeah i try to maintain those points… and it actually works…

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Thank you for your advice

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