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Please give me some tips for my profile & gigs

Here is my profile link:
Faraz Siyal (Designer)

How can I get more orders?
What I need to change in my gigs? or everything is perfect.
and please also give me some tips of fiverr pro, how can I get fiverr pro easily.

Please reply :slight_smile:

Thanks :relaxed:


That will be a great challenge.

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can you please give me some tips? thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I mean, you can’t get Fiverr pro “easily”…if you do have years of expertise, though, then I suppose mention that in your application?

I have great experience in my field, I applied for fiverr pro but I did not get any reply from fiverr that I am selected or not…

If Fiverr has not replied saying, “You’ve been approved”, then you haven’t been approved for Fiverr Pro.

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really? I had asked this question to the fiverr support team, they replied me that “Please wait for 30 days we will inform you very soon.”.

so they will inform that I am selected or not… or they will not?? :fearful::roll_eyes::frowning:

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Like I said, you will not be approved for Fiverr Pro until Fiverr tells you that you have been approved for Fiverr Pro. Speculation, anticipation, and hopefulness do not equal approval. If you applied to be a Fiverr Pro seller, be patient. If Fiverr says yes, you’re in. If they say no, or you never hear from them again, you aren’t approved.

This doesn’t strike me as a particularly challenging concept to understand.


Asking for tips to get the Fiverr Pro badge “easily” is the equivalent of just barely being drafted in the NBA,
and your first question was “how to get the MVP of the year award easily”.

If you have the credentials and experience Fiverr is looking for, they will let you know.

In the meantime, work hard, and start getting where you want to go.


The funniest sh!t I’ve read all day! :joy:

It’s like saying “I’m da best like Michael Jordan” when in reality you’re more like Charles Barkley or something! :basketball:


well, I heard that fiverr pro have some requirements, if you complete those requirements then you can be select in fiverr pro.
which are

  1. Website related to your service (almost 10k views)
  2. blogs in blogger, wordpress (almost 5k views)
  3. social network - (twitter: more than 2k followers) (facebook: more than 2k followers) (google plus: more than 1k followers)
  4. Tumblr Profile/blog

There are also others requirements, I have read that on website.

is this true? or fake information? :confused:

Pure 100% nonsense.

I have like 300 twitter followers. That’s it.

Nothing else.


@frank_d can you please give me suggestion or tips about fiverr pro?