Please give me suggestions of how can I improve my gig


Hello there,

I am new here in fiverr but am a designer and working in this field since 2011, as I am new I do not know much about the rules and system of gaining orders, I have tried buyer request but there is no buyer request at all in LOGO Design and Social Media Design.

Here is my profile link-

And here is the new gig that I have published today…
Give a check because I heard that this community is so friendly and helpful.

Thanks in advance,


Pray for you that get your first job soon


Hi Sourov,
Welcome you to fiverr forum. I have quick look on your profile.

First of all Use a photo of you smiling on your profile picture. Add a Tagline on your profile, you don’t have one. Create something unique about you on your profile description.

Here is some things to get your first order:

  • Stay online as much as you can. (You can use mobile app to keep yourself online)

  • Send offers to buyers from Buyer Request/Send Quotes section.

  • Share your GIG through social media.

Hope this will help.