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Please Give Me Tips On Improving My Gig


Here is my gig guys:
I created a gig a few days ago and got a few sales. The issue I am having is seeing my analytics and conversion rate. I would really appreciate your advice on how to improve my gig. Thank you.


EDIT DESCRIPTION :- description is too short and not containing relevant information! Use 1200 words limit and write some good description and target some good SEO there!

then comes! KEYWORDS :- research on it and update them too

then the main GIG IMAGE
when I saw your gig title and and I compare it with other logo sellers! so nothing was there so that i can think about buying your gig!

check other gigs and check why they are selling and why you are not


Thanks a lot man ! I will improve in these manners


How about now buddy?


good! change the main gig image too! make it attractive