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Please give me tips

I am a new seller on fiverr. How to get orders and promote my gigs,please give me your suggestions.


Create GIG, be patient

Promote GIG links in social site, respectively not SPAMMY/spamly.

In the meanwhile send filtered Buyer Request suitable for you… moreover, EXPERTIZE YOURSELF in your skill(s)…


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Thank you for your tips

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welcome… @salsabil1234567

Hi @salsabil1234567

Here, check this free course from Fiverr.


I’ll take a different approach and ask you some questions instead:

Why are you using the exact same image for every gig you have?
Why are you not using images that can best express your skills?
Have you checked other sellers who are selling similar gigs and get a good idea
of what a well put -together gig looks like?


I think same image will help me…it will create my own identity.I have already describe my skills in my gigs.Yes i checked many gigs.Can you help me with your suggestions.

Thank you for your suggestions.

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