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" Please give me work to do "

You read that right. I am recently receiving more and more messages of people on Fiverr asking ME (a seller) to give them work to do. They are willing for me to pay them for their services.

Even if their intention was to truly “get a job” from me, how could they possibly produce a native Japanese voice over / calligraphy / native translation and so on, without even speaking the language ? This is nonsensical.

Am I the only one experiencing such thing ? Is this some kind of bad intentioned practices introduction ? I am staggered by how people cannot understand the platform functionality that much … It has to be some kind of joke or secret scheme that I am not aware of


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You obviously did not read my article. This is why the title is in brackets : it is a sentence I am receiving. Also, I am a Level 2 seller with more than a hundred of completed orders : I am not in need to get attention / clients from the forum :slight_smile:


I find many people realize that you must reply to messages to keep your rating. Just report as spam to protect yourself :slight_smile:


Indeed, I always answer / report them quickly so that my KPI are not affected. I am just wondering of the true nature of these messages.


Yes, it happens at least 5 times per day for me. Sometimes I have a hard time believing they are real people. It is so amazingly annoying. But they are just desperate people. They think Google Translate is all you need to be a translator. They have no sense of integrity.

There is nothing to do but to just respond quickly to keep up your Response Time and then report as spam.


No, it happens to others, too.

And I’d say that at least some of them believe that, when they see a gig, it’s you looking for someone to do the work, not you offering your service.

They’re desperate to earn something, they’ve heard they can do that on Fiverr, and they don’t have the slightest idea about how Fiverr works. Many of those who message you like that don’t even have gigs of their own. I’ve tried checking accounts of those who messaged me like that a few months later…and they still had no active gigs.


Actually that’s right ! None of them have an active gig in their profile…


That’s a shame we are under pressure to maintain good standards through KPIs with this kind of factor to account in our activity.


I never got someone sending me a message to order his gig yet, but the cringe level is quite high :rofl:


Nope! I get a handful of these too! Half of the people don’t have gigs and the other half are brand new sellers.

One of them was genuinely confused when I told them that they weren’t supposed to contact sellers and ask for work. They thought my gig was a job post :worried:

I usually just use a quick response that mentions spam so that I don’t have to waste too much time, and they never respond- I wonder why :slight_smile:

One person messaged me to do a file conversion and this was how their messages went:

“I do file convert”

Anyways, yeah, I also get these kinds of messages!


I’ve never received any such “give me work” messages, but that might be due to all my gigs being based around my voice or video image, and it would be damn hard for someone else to pass off that work and claim it as their own.

Hikarishinjo, you also provide VO services; I’d think it would be safe to assume that you haven’t received any “give me Japanese VO work” message requests! :smile:


Happens almost daily. I have a quick response message set up to deal with them.


The idea of a quick response to deal with those is actually a good one ! I’ll try that too !

I think I will make it educational for them : links to forum, create a gig etc. Even though I do not have high hopes about the result, at least I’ll be doing the right thing and be protecting my KPIs…


Well in my case, I stopped getting these for some reason. Not sure why. At some point I was receiving a few dozen requests per week.


I got quite a few recently who wanted to write a game for me (without having any gigs…). Sometimes I entertain them but then I feel guilty/annoyed (I’d never order from them but… it’s interesting to understand why they think messaging other sellers is a good idea.


I never have gotten any either. :crossed_fingers:t2: :thinking:

I guess we are not worthy. :weary: :thinking: :rofl:


Either that, or we were too worthy and we passed the torch to someone else :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I think what you offer is something that cannot be “automatized” from Google basic services :cold_sweat: such as translation… Maybe they think that a mere Google Translate copy paste will do the trick to provide native translation …


Please teach me how not to be worthy of this incredible privilege :rofl: