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Please Give me your valuable suggestion

I completed a order last week ago, buyer give me 5* and now he wants to change the design, What can I do now? I can not redesign it without a new order. Please give me some solutions.


please provide redesign without a new order.

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@helal311 Why on earth would you advise someone to work for free? Do you work for free?

@setu_biswsa - I assume, if you’ve had a 5 star review, your buyer was happy with the original design?

So, new design (or changing the existing design) equals new order. You can quote him a cost to make the desired changes. Simple. Why should you work for free?


Thanks for your reply, But why I work without new order?

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@cubittaudio You are right, Thanks a lot for your valuable suggestion. But, If I told him to create a new order, he can make any issue for the previous order?

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If he’s given you a 5-star, that means that your previous order is closed. So unless he tries to force a chargeback via PayPal (which is against Fiverr’s Terms of Service), you should be fine.

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@cubittaudio now he can change my review?

No, he cannot change a review that he’s already left.

OK - here’s a bit more thorough advice.

Think about the job your client is asking you to do. How difficult is it? How long would it take for you to complete the work? Devise a price that you think is fair, for the amount of time/work that will need to go into making the changes.

Then put that to the client as a proposal. You can explain that you’re not going to charge them for a brand new design (unless of course that’s what they want), but that because the order has been completed, changes are subject to a fee. You can then offer them the fee, and see what they say.

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