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Please give some suggestion for rank my gig and get order

Hello Everyone,
I am new to this marketplace but I have already completed 2 projects. I have tried in many ways to get the gig rank but I did not get the expected result. After completing 2 projects, I am not getting any new order till now. This is my gig, Please take a look and tell me if there is any mistake. Please let the experts know.
Thank You.


For one thing, your gig description is plagiarized. You want people to hire you to write them a page that represents their business, but you haven’t even written your own gig text? How do you think that looks to them? There are 17 other pages on the internet (including at least two other accounts here on Fiverr) using the same description you are.


hey there how can you checked that? can you please tell me??


Can you tell me, How do you saw this?

@truecodez I am a writer and I use a (paid) tool called Copyscape that checks for plagiarism on the internet. It’s unfortunately a requirement because I get my gig text and bio stolen so frigging often. I go through once a week, find all the people that have stolen it on Fiverr, and report every single one of the thieves.

This is just a view, an idea, but what this really represents is what google sees. One of the cornerstones of SEO / Search Engine Optimization, from a copywriter’s eyes, is that you never use duplicate content. Google knocks down people using duplicate content on their search engine results pages, so instead of maybe getting seen on page 2-3, you’re waaaaay back at page 10+ and no one ever sees you.


Never copy someone’s description. Instead, INSPIRE from it.

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Almost all the details about the subject I will be serving are the same because probably my details are the same.
But thanks to your all opinion.
so I have to change my description?

thanks for your reply,
I use smallseotools. com as a writer you know well than others.
my question is smallseotools. com is effective to check plagiarized???

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Yes. Change your description and make it your own. Don’t copy, instead look at others and see what they have done. Inspire from them and add some of their things into yours.

Again, do NOT copy. Edit your gig and meanwhile think this: If I was a buyer, what type of description would make me want to buy this gig?

Hope this helps!

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Come on dude, at least own up to it. You “just happened” to make the exact same grammatical mistake in the very first sentence of your gig?

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I rank it a 2.5.

I hope that helps.

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I really surprise to see this. But Thank you so much for your valuable reply.

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I think he copied my description with my grammatical mistake. :slightly_smiling_face: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: