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Please go through my gig and give suggestions

This is my gig. I’m NOT getting any orders.


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I don’t understand why you aren’t getting any orders.

Maybe it’s because you are offering unlimited revisions in your two larger packages?

Unlimited revisions are (and there is no nice way to say this) a dumb idea.

I can order your $25 package from you and get you to revise your work every day for me for the next few months.

It’s a good deal for me as it just costs me $25.

Not such a good deal for you, but you asked for it.

Maybe avoid the hassle and delete unlimited revisions right now, before you get swamped with orders from guys like me, okay?

Good luck.


Yes, this old man is very evil and is gonna order your gig and make you work forever, care !


Hi @aswanth2562. I did go through a couple of your gigs, and these are just a few observations:

I agree with @looseink on the unlimited revisions- offer only the barest minimum revisions that you think you can still do a good job with. If you still feel you must offer unlimited revisions, only do so in your premium packages, and make sure you price for that!

There are grammatical errors in your gig descriptions that I would take the time to fix. It matters to buyers that your wording looks clean, because the services that you offer have alot to do with writing. You offer Grammarly checked text in your Instagram info-graph gig, and I’d take advantage of it to help you write your gigs.

I know it has alot to do with preference on how others price their gigs, and I have no experience in your fields, but your pricing scale looks off, mostly when you make too big of a jump from your standard package to your premium. Try A/B testing to see if your prices affect your conversion rate.

From your gigs, it looks like you do pretty nice work! I hope this helps, and best of luck!


Thanks for your information.

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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

Does using more word or less word good for title in gig?

Thanks for your reply. I’ll reduce unlimited revisions.

Thanks for your reply. I’ll make the changes.

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You’re very welcome, and good luck in your business!