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Please guide me about the order

Hello Everyone

if the order is completed automaticaly then after 4 to 5 days is this possible for the customer to cancel the order or he can do contact with fiverr support to cancel it
thank you

Hi, murtaza1994!

Anything is possible! If your Buyer was dissatisfied he could lodge a complaint with CS without contacting you first to resolve the issue. That’s just how some Buyers roll.

If you delivered what your gig offers, I wouldn’t be concerned. Did your Buyer complain to you about the delivered work?


No He did not complain
I completed the work according to his requirements
but i am just asking about it
thank you so much
you are always so nice to every one

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If you completed the work as per his satisfaction, then don’t worry. Until an issue arises, then move onto the next order with a clear & positive mind.

Aw, shucks! Thank you for the lovely compliment. :slightly_smiling_face:

you are always welcome :slight_smile: