Please guide me, help me


Can i add this sort of gig, will people order. Where i will write their name like the example below.


I can also write like, hmm sort of name in pieces of paper, on trees, or your name appearing in torn paper, sort of. I am right now real need of money, so i can add this type of gig. Anyhelp is appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile:


Seems really simple, well you can try out for yourself and see how it goes.


@princemaxx I completely acquiesce with you. Will try but i thought it would be good if i get some reviews first. And as far as simplicity is considered it could be more good, it’s just a example. Thanks for your suggestion.


Reply to @dhanraj1994: what do you want? are you feelinlonely? fiverr its your only friend? Please…


The gig has a great premise with lots of room to make it unique and stand out on its own