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Please guide me!

Hello everyone.
I made an account on fiverr 3 months ago till now i got just 9 orders i am online 24/7 and send buyer requests daily edit my gigs regularly but cant get much orders i provide high quality works.
Please guide me!!!
This is my account.!
If something is wrong here please tell me about them

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first of all i would provide more work samples.

Have a look at the best selling logo design gigs, they have a minimum of 50 - 100 logos in their review (just samples, not counting customer showcase).

Your Reviews are looking good. I’d say if you add more awesome work samples, your orders will grow :slight_smile:

Have a nice day,


Most sellers don’t know how to send an attractive offer. If you’re not getting any replies then give us an example and we can tell you what you can improve.
Take the last request you replied to, copy it here with your offer and let’s have a look.

This is the latest offer i sent.
Hello Akter. Hope you are fine. As you need someone to design a creative logo for your clothing business. Sir i am available for this task hire me to design you with unlimited revisions till you get 100% satisfaction just in hours and also will provide high quality (Jpeg,png,Psd and mockup files) soon All with just 5$. .

This buyer request:
I need a simple and attractive logo for my clothing Business.

It seems like the second half of this sentence is missing.
Don’t repeat the same words back to the buyer. Instead, I would ask what kind of logo the buyer is looking for. For example, are they looking for a simple signature logo or a minimal fat logo? What exactly does “simple & attractive” mean to the buyer?

I assume you’re 100% certain that it’s a guy you’re talking to. If it’s a lady then you’ve lost that buyer already.

Don’t be pushy.

Why can’t you do the job with 2-3 revisions? Usually incompetent sellers offer unlimited revisions because they know they won’t get it right the first time.

Why don’t you take a day or two to provide an awesome logo?
You’re not flipping burgers in a fast food joint, you’re creating a digital identity for a business that will use it on all of their clothes for years to come.

These are irrelevant. Will you include source files (AI or EPS)?
PS. Mockup files are not the same as source files.

The buyer has provided you minimal information, why are you promising $5 price?
Instead ask further details so that you can put together a proper requirement list and then based on that you can quote the price.

You can ask for

  • business name
  • color palette
  • examples they like
  • website if they have one so that you can check out their clothing line.
  • who’s their target audience
  • do they need multiple variations (colored, B&W, watermark, with & without a tagline)

I’m not a logo designer and even I know the basic questions you should ask before taking the job :slight_smile:
Put your thinking cap on


Thanks. My brother.

Your advice will really help me.

I think can you added more amazing work samples then you’ll go your purpose, Go ahead. :slightly_smiling_face: