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Please Guide Me?

I am facing some problems from a top rated seller… please guide me

i am using a mock-up design as a gig title image with and he is also using same mock-up design but with different design.
now he is blackmailing me to change this mock-up because he started that mock-up first on fiverr… and he is threatening me if i did not change the gig image he will report my account

What should i do??

You are a successful designer that has made thousands of dollars for fiverr, and his reasoning is flawed, so unless you copied the gig description or something I don’t see how he could hurt you in any way. Mock-ups as gig images are so common that there are bound to be many similar ones in a category as saturated as logo design.

You can reach out to customer support for assistance.

You should tell customer support about what he said.

thank you for your messages