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Please have a look at my first gig!

I’ve been told by many people that I can create an extremely good Kermit the frog impression and they told me to apply to Fiverr to try and make a bit of money on the side from this hobby of mine - therefore that’s what I’ve done.
One of my main problems however is that I can’t seem to actually get anyone interested in my gig? So as you can probably tell, I haven’t had anyone make an order for my gig but I am waiting patiently for my first buyer. If you could check out my gig that would be greatly appreciated.
Also, criticism is encouraged so any pointers at all would be great - especially on how to grow on FIverr and get relatively frequent orders on my gigs.

:exclamation: Gig - :exclamation:

Thank you. (:


Hello and welcome to FIverr,

I personally think that your gig is ok but I don’t think it stands out from your competitors. I suggest you to look at your competitors and compare it with their gigs. If I was a buyer I’d buy from someone who would have some experience than the one who is completely new and sells the exact same thing as an experienced fiverr user.

What I’d suggest for now is to add a bit of uniqueness to your gig since many are offering the same services with more experience than you - you have an amazing talent which many of the people don’t so with a bit of marketing and a touch of uniqueness I think you will do great.

Everyone is struggling for buyers including me. If you search around all you’d see is to send offers through the buyer requests section and to promote your gigs on social media. So the conclusion is talent is important but marketing is just as important as well.

Welcome to Fiverr and good luck, I suggest you to read the forums for more information regarding marketing. There’s ton of tips here and there.

Thank you, very much!

It’s great to hear what you’re saying and I will most definitely take it into consideration. Once again, thank you for your response and your feedback and I will try on what you said, it really does help.

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