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Please have a LOOK over my Fiverr Id, [I want MY FIVER ID more Professional]


Please Help me out with this.

Here is the link to my ID;


In what way is your current username not professional?


It is my real name @jonbaas


Is something wrong with my name @jonbaas

it’s an islamic name, I myself was thinking about to replace it with English nickname [But unable to do it]


You can’t change your username/ID. I think it’s fine anyway.


Alright @adrover …. What are the other things I should change to improve my Fiverr ID?


Your “Fiverr ID” is not going to make you successful. If you want to become a better seller, you are going to have to deliver great work in every order, deliver every order on time, and provide work that earns positive reviews.

There are no easy ways to become a better seller.


Respected @jonbaas,

I agree with your suggestion, I do deliver great work in the order. But the reason why I want o improve my ID, is I am not getting orders. I am struggling from long time. Doing very hard word. But…
The reason for asking about improvent is to start getting orders.



Hey there @miiila,

Can you please have a look over my profile?


Like I already said:

If you want more customers, you are going to have to market and promote your gig directly to the people who need your services. You have 1 review in two years. I can assure you, you have NOT been doing any hard work to earn more sales. If you were working hard to earn your sales, you would have more than 1 review on your account during that time.


I am all agree to promote my gigs. Is my profile bio Good Enough? @jonbaas


@jonbaas Yes I have 1 review in two years. I got it in 2017. Then I paused the whole Process due to my studies. But thank God, I completed my studies and I am back since January 2019.


Well, then, welcome back. Now, it’s time to figure out who your target customers are, research to determine where they are located, and then go to those places, show those customers how you can solve their needs, and then convince them to hire you.


Alright @jonbaas your suggestion really mean a lot to me. Thanks you very much, for your time!


Okay, you asked … let’s start with this: don’t assume other people are stupid.

"As a professional copy editor and proofreader with over 2,000 sales on Fiverr "

Nobody will believe that on a profile with 1 review. You copied your gig description from someone else, why should people hire you if you’re not just too lazy to write your own gig description but also have no problem with simply using other people’s content? You ever heard about copyright, IP (intellectual property, in this case)? It’s not even modified a single bit, for heaven’s sake.

Please don’t take other people’s content, that’s not just bad style but can get you in hot water if they notice and report you. I’d remove all and any texts from your gigs that you have copied, pronto, before you might find yourself banned, and then write up your own texts.
You can look at other people’s gigs and get inspired of course, but don’t copy anything. Learn from good descriptions and then craft your own.

Offer things you really can provide and be you, don’t copy anyone, find your own style.

Once you haven’t any texts on your gigs anymore that you simply took, to say it in a friendly way, from other people, I’m willing to point out other things that might help but I’m not at all willing to help people who try to get sales here by copy-pasting texts of other people, that’s unfair against the people you copied from and misleading buyers and not okay.

Apart from that, welcome to the forum, Umer. It seems as if you have the drive and will to succeed, don’t ruin that by taking the seemingly easy way but put in the hard and honest work and see if that won’t get you further.


Alright @miiila, Let me change the description first and then I will respond you!


No need to tell me what things made you do it that way, that’s all weak excuses, nothing made you do it, you did it. Simply don’t do it anymore and we’re good.


@miiila I wasn’t responding as you said “No need to tell me…” Yes I did that… because the content belongs to my friends profile. I took permission before copying and pasting it there under my gigs. Before this, I wrote a description of 785 words, but not working well.Then I asked my best friend [College fellow] to help . He himself told me to do this. Yes, I proudly do it, with the support of my best friend.


Just look at the sentences you’ve posted so far on the forum:

It is painfully obvious that you lack the requisite English skills to be an English proofreader/editor on Fiverr. You might be better off offering proofreading/editing services in your native language.

Buyers are no fools. They can see right through your facade. Even if you end up receiving an order for your proofreading/editing gig, chances are that you will end up with a negative review. When that happens, no buyer will want to buy from your account ever again.

Think wisely. :+1:


Thanks for the suggestion @hanshuber16. I will be more careful about it!