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Please Help - 10 page gig for level 0 seller - How do I make it easy for the buyer?


I have been offered a ten page drawing project. The potential buyer really likes my style and has offered to pay me a high fee. The trouble is, how can he order this gig? I am a level 0 seller so there is no multiple option as far as i am aware. I don’t want my buyer to have to order over 30 gigs just to make up the agreed figure.

What do i do to make his life easier and not put him off entirely?




Tried that

"Sorry unfortunately there is no better option at the moment since you are a level 1 seller.

Thank you for the feedback on V2. Your comments were noted to our product team.

Good luck,"

Words fail. And I’m not even a level 1 seller.

have replied as politely as i can under the circs.



Thanks :wink: I’ll look into that. Once I get my head round the permutations . . . ! Not sure he has much time to spare. It sounded like he wanted it quite quickly. I’ll get a time frame from him and see if we can work to it.

At a pinch I could even do the work first and deliver as soon as he orders the level one gigs. . . A question of trust really.

I’ll get him to raise it with Fiverr too. They will perhaps be more accommodating with a buyer. My concern is being ‘passed on to the production manager’ so it might land in somebody’s inbox who has authority to act. They need an option for this eventuality I think. It must happen every now and then.

Thanks for the congrats :wink: yeah, it’s going nicely.