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Please help a new user


I’m new here on Fiverr (hello everyone :slight_smile: !) so I have no idea how things work.
Seller sent me a JPG file explaining that if I like it, he will send all the source files etc.
So I had one revision and I was still not happy but I decided that I can modify it myself a bit since the guy really did try to fulfill the requests.

He sends finished revision JPG file and I went on and accepted that thinking that the additional stuff will unlock.
However, there are now no source files.

His account is unreachable for some reason, he mentioned that he got reported.
How can I get the source files now when I can’t contact him through the order page, through the messages or his profile?

Was I supposed to let him know that I like the logo and then ask him to attach the source files?
How does the support react regarding issues of this type?

I already contacted them.


I’m sorry you had such an unfortunate experience. It’s hard to advise you with limited details, but it’s possible that Customer Support will just refund you if the seller did something wrong. If the seller’s account is unreachable it does sound like Fiverr banned him for something.

Fiverr is a great site with a lot of skilled sellers, but because there are many discounted services it’s also possible to get a lemon. When you start out it’s best to spend low amounts and get to know a seller even if you have to buy a small sample order. Buyers have to do their own homework on a site like this.

If the seller you were dealing with does turn out to be banned and you get a refund, you could hire another seller and send them the JPG. A good graphic artist can help get it back to you in vector format so you can edit, plus perhaps they can aid you with a little refinement. If you do try that with a new seller and the price will be more than $5-10, you might consider going one step at a time. Hire them at low cost to make the JPG a little closer to what you want and if all goes well, then you could order again to get a source file.


Hey, thanks for replying.

I doubt that the seller had bad intentions, I just had no idea that what I see is what I will get regarding the attached files.
I’m sure that he would attach the files had I requested another revision to tell him that I indeed like the logo.

Speaking of refund, for a $6 gig (with tax) I would only get $5, correct?
This means that I can’t purchase $6 gig from the balance?
I was reading about this and I saw that I can’t pay, for example, $5 from the balance and $1 from another source.
I also saw an explanation that you can’t add money to the Fiverr balance. is this still the case?

If you get a $5 refund, you can buy another $5 gig. There is no processing fee for gigs bought with credit or revenue. There actually is now a beta test for a way to add funds to your account, but it’s a bit complex and not everyone has access to it. Here is a help article about the new buyer feature, but you may not have access to it since it’s in beta:

Also, if you have (for example) a $5 credit but you want to buy a $10 gig, there is a way. You can ask the seller to send you two custom offers for $5 each. The first one would come out of your $5 credit. The second one you could pay from your outside payment source (paypal or whatever) and it would include a new $1 processing fee. :slight_smile:


Wow ! Great news. :grin:

I’ll wait for the support to answer now.
Hopefully they will be able to help.

Thank you so much.

There is a mis-concept for $6 with tax. Suppose when you purchase a gig for $5 and you are paying from the card they will charge you $6, But if you load $100 in your account you will be charged only $101 after that you can purchase the gig from your balance and you will realize that they don’t charge you anymore. $5 gig = $5 payment.:stuck_out_tongue:


You math is wrong. 5r charges a minimum of $1 or 5%, whichever is greater. So, $100 x 5% = $5.

Therefore, $100 will be $105, not $101.


You are right, Thanks for pointing it out.

Everything went great.
Support was quite helpful, they refunded the Gig and I was able to use the remaining money to pay for another Gig.
The new artist did a phenomenal job.

However, I’d like to point out that, when the Gig is canceled you lose the right to use the work that the artist did. This also includes vectorising the old logo in the case of not sent source files.

All in all, I’m a happy customer and I’m looking forward to purchase next gig for anyhing that I might need, and with the broad categories I’m sure that I’ll find something very soon :slight_smile:

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