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Please help a newbie


I haven’t created any gigs myself. I have ordered a few. I believe that viewing the “requested gigs” list would help me get some ideas about creating a gig or two. I can’t find the list, though. Where is it? Thanks in advance for your help.


At the top bar in your page click on “Sales”, on the right side then click “Buyer requests”.


Hi rickyvernio :slight_smile:

  1. first of all read carefully all the terms of services That will save you from unwanted situations :slight_smile:

  2. appart from the buyers request, I suggest that you read Fiverr official blog posts and Fiverr FAQ in this forum as often as possible.

  3. It is also useful to know that making an original one-of-a-kind-gig will make you more visible in the huge gig list. That will lead buyers to the rest of your gigs.

    all the best!