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Please help about the fiverr payment

Unfortunatly some one hacked my account and deleted all my gigs do my payment comes which are in pending ??

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if your account recover then payment is your if the account is blocked then you should contact to fiverr support, Have you contacted to fiverr support yet? what they are saying?

Main thing is you should remember your email and your mobile no if you have both then you can recover your account

Are you sure your gigs weren’t removed or paused by Fiverr for some reason rather than being hacked?

Perhaps this from your profile didn’t help:
i am an ethical hacker and most my videos are about hacking of wifi and any website etc

Some sort of irony though, a hacker claiming they’ve been hacked. :wink:


Sir please help me I gave my facebook account to it and that password knows to many people

Why would many people know your Facebook password? Surely that should be private?

You’ll need to speak to CS I think.

Please help me sir ,how to recover my account

:postal_horn: YES! Wait till the payment becomes available for withdrawal.

Ok thank you sir ,is there any steps to follow

You should contact CS they will help you, here no one can’t help you about this

No Sir. Just wait and keep a look at your Earnings.
In the meantime, why don’t you do a couple things?

  1. Change your Facebook Password.
  2. Change Fiverr Password.
  3. Make Old Gigs.
  4. Make More Gigs.
  5. Work on your English (please).

You will be fine! All the best :slight_smile:

Sir I was unable to create gigs

Why Sir? Why were you not able to create Gigs? Try again now!

If no go, contact Customer Care.

You need to contact CS.