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PLEASE HELP..... ALL stats are down. And not getting any orders


Although I’ve been registered on the platform since 2016 I only started to really engage in the Fiverr marketplace until January 2019. I updated my profile. Setup gigs, etc. The month started off slow but I started to get a couple of orders. Literally… The first one wasn’t done on time due to an error on my part in properly setting the delivery time for the gig but the client still gave a 5 star review. My other gig was done on time and the client providing a 5 star review as well.
Then I got a request from an individual to do a project outside of Fiverr. I told the buyer NO! Advised them that I wanted to keep everything on Fiverr. Then the buyer asked me to do the order for free. I once again said NO and blocked the buyer. As they kept on messaging me.
Well since then… I haven’t been able to get NOTHING from Fiverr! Am I being penalized for blocking someone that wanted me to go outside of the platform?
If I had of known that I was going to be black balled for not doing the guys order for free then I would have just done it and moved on.
Now any buyer request I submit gets nothing. All of my statistics for my gigs are going straight into the ground.
I even took the initiative earlier in the month to reach out to other Fiverr sellers to try to form partnerships with the ones who had services that mine would work well with.
That didn’t go well either. As Fiverr stated that I had broke the ToS and was given a warning for messaging the other sellers…

I understand that every business has their preferred way that they like for everyone to function within their specific platform and I’m just trying to find out what I’m doing wrong.

ANY HELP… FROM ANYONE is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance…
I don’t know what to do. Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Hi, Richard.

I will tell you what everyone else will tell you - PATIENCE. I have been on this platform since May 2017 and I have made about 100+ sales.

After I joined, I wasn’t getting much sales until around May 2018 - exactly one year after I joined the platform. I woke up one morning and my inbox was flooded with messages and orders from clients. The algorithm had picked up my gig and ranked it on the first page! The orders kept coming until late 2018 - around November/December, when my gig was dropped again and the sales stopped coming.

I didn’t fret, because I know I will still get ranked again. I would advise you optimize your gig titles, description and tags. Write very persuasive descriptions for your gigs and also use compelling images.

Then, sit back and WAIT. While waiting, you can promote your gig on social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Best of luck.


Thanks so much for the information. I will definitely do more of what you stated. I updated my gigs the other day. I’m working some different pictures for each one of the gigs. I’ll go through and update the descriptions again as well…

thanks for the information…


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