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PLEASE HELP! Am a Professional Graphics Designer, Am New on Fiverr, How do I make sales?

Hi people, my name is Veron and I just got into the fiverr gigs train.

I would really appreciate if I can get real effective tips on how to make my first

few sales in the next one week.

Am not in a rush, but am willing to learn the ropes as fast as possible.

Thank you for your anticipated comments!

Stay Blessed,


I will politely disagree with the above. You have no portfolio. Only samples of Fiverr logo covers, no real covers to showcase your own design on real covers. This is a problem. No one really knows what you can do, it’s all pretend covers you did for Fiverr ad, no real work or samples.

I might also suggest you add into your profile a little bit about any education or training or work experience, that can help too.

Research the top sellers in your cateogry selling similar items, get ideas of what they write, what kind of photos they upload, and their profiles.

Hey, Veron.

Welcome to the madhouse. :slight_smile:

Your gigs are presented well. You’ve uploaded 3 photos, your gig descriptions look good - I think for the most part you just need to wait now, as frustrating as that is.

You can try using the Buyer Requests feature to see if anybody is looking for a designer; you can apply for any jobs if they’re there. If you have a Facebook account you can try to network with people who may be interested in your service, but this isn’t always easy.

Personally, I say wait a week to ten days and see what happens. If you haven’t received an order within that time, then look to change a few things around.

Reply to @sara1984: Hello Sara, Thanks a bunch! I’ve been up all day posting on the forum, reading stuff and I’ve also exhausted my 10 offers on the Buyers request section.

I’m hoping to start making sales as soon as possible!

Thanks for your time and wonderful inspiration.

Stay Blessed,


Reply to @veronandy: Welcome to Fiverr! I agree with @sara1984 - so far, so good! The one thing I’d suggest in the meantime is changing up your main profile picture. I’d either have a picture of yourself, or some kind of “avatar” graphic design of your face. It’s a wasted opportunity to have the same product in your user icon that Buyers have already seen from your Gigs. But that’s just my opinion… and you know what they say about free advice :slight_smile: