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Please help am New here

Am New hare please help mee i get offers but I not understand get offers please help

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It is not our job to get you sales.

Please read through the forum topics, visit the Fiverr Academy, and learn for yourself how YOU can earn your sales. You are a freelancer. Your gigs are your business. YOU are responsible for building your own success.

We are happy to help you if you have specific questions, but we are NOT going to do your work for you. :wink:


This all purpose generic cry for help from someone new who doesn’t understand anything means you need to learn it on your own. We were all new and most of us didn’t need help to figure out what to sell and how to do it.

This is not hard to understand nor is it hard to figure it out.

The most basic computer skills and having something you can do well are all that is needed.