Please, help and advice :)


Hi Fiverr community,

I joined fiverr 33 days ago, I got my level one in the 30th day, but I’m experiencing a drop down in sales.

I used to get between two to three orders per day. Now, There are none.

What would you do if you were in my place ? I only have one gig. I do logo design.

Is is normal to experience a drop down in sales after level one? I have completed 42 orders in my first month, does that mean that I only need 8 to get my level 2 ? then, will the traffic increases after level 2 ?

Please give me your advices and helping hand :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance !


Actually I have read that this seems to happen to alot of people, they reach LEvel 1 and things start to drop. Part of the issue is that when people search you are still under the new people, but now you are not, so you are competing with a whole new set of sellers.

Your gig and photos look good, however your profile has a bunch of grammatical mistakes so you may want to fix that.

Then the only other thing I can suggest is to go search some of the top selling logo sellers here on Fiverr and read their gigs, see what photos they are using or if they have videos and see what they are doing.


Hello rachidhue.

You are actually very lucky. You have to know that I have been trying to sell my gigs since some weeks without any order at all. Do not worry. I am sure that you will get more orders in the next days.



How do i get gigs? I am bit confused with the flow, would be grateful if anyone can explain it to me :slight_smile:


Reply to @phoenix96:

Thank you, I wish you all the best !


Reply to @sincere18:

That is really helpful, Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


I recommend you use gigs (spend like $25-$30) to improve your gig. Use the writing section to write an appealing description, the logo section to have a unique pic or the video section to enhance the buyers experience and attract more buyers. Use your NOODLE!!!


Update: I got six orders today, three with 25$ extras!

Thank you so much guys.