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Please help! anyone

Hi there I have got my first order.Now Im having a problem and that is the buyer has send his photos in dropbox and the problem is I don’t have dropbox how do I view them.There was an option to download the photos so I downloaded all but don’t see any in my pc

hmm, i think this is not a problem. if you download photos then
try to search photos on your pc.

Hmm…, i never got any problem with Dropbox before…,
There should be a dropbox folder inside your pc after you sign-up
Try to see it on your dropbox folder inside your pc

Hope it helps

just tell your buyer to send the photo again through fiverr or any other channel where you can get it…

You can sign up for dropbox. It’s free.

If you downloaded them then they are somewhere in your computer.

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Try to check your browser settings (downloads history location).

Step by step guide
Go to my computer then local disk c then find downloads folder and there you will find the file. Alternatively you can