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Please help [ARCHIVED]

I’m in your city in the association which is the last big attack on the internet by the fact that he got a large grant from the Municipal Office. At one of the local sites - the way the so-called venal - some anonymous comments attack not only my association but also me. I contacted a lawyer and stated that those comments are harsh but within that rather the court does not treat them as defamation, slander, etc.
My question is, is there anyone here who knows or knows how to find out from where it was written comment, perhaps on whom is the internet, etc …
I know that to pull data from anyone you have to have a court order. The more I ask because I know that those are not the spec of who are able to learn such things. It’s just getting to know these people because they will certainly be the person / s who personally know. Thank you in advance for the information.

I don’t understand most of what you wrote. Are you looking for a Fiverr seller who is a lawyer or what?

I am looking for people who can track down a person with only a comment on the website - trace the IP number, and contact person

Ah, ok. Good luck.


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Some harsh comments were made about you on the internet that were not even slander?
I understand you are angry but you will get over it. There is nothing you can do.

Yeah we don’t want you going out and there hurting anyone because they hurt your feelings young man.