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Please help artist no sales!

Hey guys so I am a young man and I consider myself an Artist or at least an Illustrator I can draw paint sketch anything …

Ive create my gigs with a preatty solid portofolio i have diferent gigs with different styles of art that I can create.

I even included beautyfull presentation videos and I have resonable prices I belived that will help my gigs but aparently not…
Here is one of my gigs:

I am really struggling to get a order its been 1 month and ive used buyer request everyday… and due to the bug I cant even see how my gigs are doing

Can anyone help me with some advice ?

I really want to know how someone in the same niche as me started things rolling…


thank you for your time

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Try to send offer per day. I hope you will get your first order. Don’t lose your hope.

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I did sent my 10 offer per day but nothing exept some chatting with potential buyer but they said they will contact me again and never did but thank you

If you have had 1 sale in a month, you don’t need any fancy analytics to tell you that your gigs are doing awfully. If they were doing any good, you would be getting sales.

As it is, your basic problem is that I imagine an excruciatingly small number of people wake up each day thinking: "You know what? It’s time I commissioned someone to make me a renaissance concept digital art painting." Of those who do, I would imagine that an even smaller number then make a b-line for Fiverr.

No demand = No sales.

Sorry to be blunt, but unless you are selling something people need, you are not going to make bank any time soon.

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Yes but i have different gigs , book illustration fantasy characters illustration trippy artwork and so on preaty much tried to include with my gigs the most things any digital artist would sell
Maybe there is no demand In Illustration or Digital Art at all
Or maybe the competition is to big :frowning:
Thank you for your reply :sweat_smile:

Everyone face this problem as a new.
Be patient and send buyer request regular and active

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thank you for your advice I am patient

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Suggest you check out the competition in your categories re pricing.

New sellers usually lower their prices until they move up the levels.

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thank you I will do that even if from my point ofview charging 99$ for such a complex piece of art where it has been a lot of hard work and hours and hours of dedication i think its a resonable price . Ussually such a thing to do that I have on the gig here takes 2 days of work from morning to night …
BUT maybe you are right as a seller with only 2 5 star reviews I should lower the prices

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See what the competition is like. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you so much :innocent: :innocent:

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:innocent: :innocent: :innocent: :innocent:

Why are you using other Artist’s artwork on your own portfolio? Doing that is AGAINST FIVEERR’S GUIDELINES

I could immediately figure out who some of the artist’s are and it’s a shame to see people claiming someone else’s hard work as their own.

Please don’t plagiarise someone else’s work and claim it as yours or show it on your own portfolio.

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I checked out their other gigs and most of the work on their gigs is some other artist’s work. Idk what’s the protocol on this but this does NOT seem right to me.

Indeed, I just saw this as well. Honestly, these people come asking for help when they can’t even have the decency to put up their own artwork. Say no more, I am not going to help anyone that is plagiarising @enkisart