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Please help ASAP


I just got an order from someone for a dating site, when I clearly state on my video and description I will not make videos for dating sites. He didn’t ask me before hand and on top of it he expected me to do a 3 minute testimonial for $5 (and its 30 seconds per gig), anyways as I was writing him he purchased another gig for another long scripted dating testimonial.

I am scared this is goiong to affect my status or rating. If I refund it will it show as cancelled? How do I deal with this and what is the worst case scenario here?

Thanks guys


Try to contact them and do a mutual sellers cancellation and explain the reason why, If that does not work or they do not respond just send Fiverr support a message. they are usually really good in helping out in these situations.


just engage the buyer on mutual understanding of ur stand.


I have gotten a lot of video testimonial requests for dating sites and my gig clearly states that I do not do them. It would be funny if my wife found out that I was on a dating site and my name was Jim. LOL - Yes, I did complete a video testimonial like this.

Like the other sellers said, go ahead and do a mutual cancellation, but in my experience, most of the dating site orders are pretty harmless and I have no problem doing them. I once got a request to do a testimonial for a male organ enlargement product. That was the only one that I turned down so far. LOL Yeah, I did a mutual cancellation.



OldBittyGrandma thinks of everything.

oldbittygrandma said: it is the total cancellation ratio against ones completed sales one needs to pay mind to.

What do you think that ratio is? I always thought about it, and I would say maybe a 10% ?..


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: I could have sworn that you were a Fiverr tech support member by the way you answer sometimes - so what I’m saying is that you would be a great addition to the Fiverr team :smiley:

Gosh I envy you, your style and… you! :smiley:


Thanks everyone for all the info!

I ended up doing the mutual cancellation. Not sure if I was supposed to receive A notification of some sorts. But I don’t like that I have this under cancelled now. It bothers me. This person that didn’t take the time to watch the video or read the description bothers me. Or perhaps he did but ordered anyways. I dont know… anyways thanks!


Reply to @alena1: This same thing happened to me a few days ago, maybe it’s the same buyer.

I do testimonials for dating sites, that wasn’t my problem, but this person ordered a 352 word testimonial and paid for two gigs, when in my typed description I clearly mention that I do 80 words/gig.

I told him either to buy enough gigs to cover all the words or send me a 160 word script. In the end, he just said that he won’t buy 5 gigs for 3 minutes of video and he asked me to cancel. I requested a mutual cancellation and kindly asked him to read sellers’ descriptions before buying from now on, because this makes things easier for everyone and there’s no room for misunderstandings.

This kind of buyers upset me so much!


Simply say under my terms I do not accept dating sites and ask him to send a mutual cancellation if he doesn’t tell fiverr support and they will cancel it. Sending mutual cancellations on your end will affect your overall rating and large volumes can result in demotion.

oldbittygrandma said: Could you please tell my husband that?? lol...

You're doing good. I have to convince my wife to be more proactive too ;)