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Please help buyer disappeared

Hey Fiverrs,
Now I have this order, and the buyer isn’t responding though they agreed on time extention before disappearing.
I already contacted the CS and they quote " can’t do anything, Time extention must be done by buyer "
Now I’m left with a LATE order, hours from being automatically cancelled and a negative review…
What the hell should I do?!

This is really a tough situation to deal with. As the time is passing, More and more hours are being counted in the “Delivered on Time” percentage stats. You will likely to see a fall in that stats after the order is delivered and completed.

When was the last time buyer responded to your message? Please check your buyer previous working history. If the buyer has some good reviews, then its worth waiting, else you should “File a Dispute” on that order. This will be counted in “Orders Completion” stats.

Have you worked on this order yet? if No then file a Dispute “Ask the buyer to cancel this order”.

The buyer has one review, and it’s good.
I already filed a dispute to extend time one day ago becuase the buyer responses were pretty late.
And the buyer sent a message saying that they agree to extend because they are busy and can’t communicate well.
But then they did nothing… So I contact CS… and they also did nothing…

Cs is pretty useless… This is the 2nd time that they have done nothing.

You should send some more messages to the buyer asking them if they need more time then they should let you know. Send through INBOX too. I think as the weekend is approaching, so you should wait with a “Extend the delivery time” request. If you have the order requirement then simply work on the order and deliver it. I usually wait till 3 days for a buyer to respond. After 3 days, if no response from the buyer then I usually step up for a Cancellation.

As the buyer said that they are busy, and the buyer is aware of the fact that they are no communicating well. I think the buyer should communicate with you either by Monday or Tuesday or even earlier if the buyer is FREE (not busy) on a weekend. If you didn’t hear from them then simply go for a “CANCELLATION” .

Read second last point :
(The Buyer Is Not Responding And I Need Their Feedback To Progress With The Order.)

Have Patience…

Good Luck!!!

I sent them some messages explaining the situation.
Anyways thank you for the help :slight_smile:
I have a question, will the dispute stop the timing of the order till the buyers responds again? So I don’t have to worry about the cancellation if a late order after 24 hours?

No, the timer is running in the background even after you filed for a dispute. The TIMER never stops until it runs out of time and display the timer as "##LATE##.

There are two things to look into: 1) If you go for a CANCELLATION, it will count in the “Order Completion” percentage only and will not affect the “Delivered on Time” percentage.
2) If the buyer responds and agrees for deadline extension request, then everything is good. You will earn the revenues after successful completion of the order, plus a positive impact on your gig.

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Okay, thank you! :slight_smile:

If the buyer comes back later and accepts the request for extension. Everything will be fine.

Another option is to finish the task and deliver. Though this time it will count as delivered late

Buyer did come back some time later fortunately :slight_smile: