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Please help. Buyer's Order Not Appearing on My List?


Hello everyone, if you could help me out here I’d really be grateful.

So I have a buyer who i think is also pretty new like me so he doesn’t know the order steps here. But he said he already ordered and he received a confirmation email already. The problem is I haven’t received any notification about his order. Actually, he already ordered twice he said. Since I’m a new seller and I haven’t tried buying anything here, I’m not sure how making an order works really. I’m thinking perhaps the buyer made a mistake or did not do something. Can anyone clarify that to me? Or please tell me what happens when someone orders a gig?

I’ve messaged the support yesterday but I am yet to receive a reply.

The buyer and I have been messaging back and forth and I don’t think we’re able to sort out the problem at all.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for the reply :slight_smile:

The problem is I haven’t received any notification about it, only my buyer’s message. But yes, I think he mentioned using eCheck. May i know how long it will usually take to clear this payment? I think the buyer is also troubled because he’s unsure.

And no, so far we’re not quarreling or anything. The buyer’s pretty nice so even if I can’t answer all his questions he didn’t get mad. I’m still waiting for the reply from the support. Perhaps if I don’t get any today, I’ll just message them again like you said.

Thanks so much again. You really helped me :slight_smile:


Thanks again :slight_smile:

And no it is not in my Revenue page yet. So I guess I just have to wait. I haven’t mentioned words like paypal or something I believe. Thanks for reminding me. I’m glad I didn’t ask the customer service about the payment. I believe I only asked why the order’s not on my list yet.

Thanks so much for all the help :slight_smile:


From experience I can tell you that PayPal will not process an E Check order until it clears. I have had people try to buy things from my website with E Checks and PayPal will notify me of this and will state “Do not ship your product until we can confirm that the check has cleared the buyers bank”. Sure enough a week or two later I get a email from Paypal. “E Check transaction from John Smith did not clear his bank” So DONT do anything until it shows up on your order page as it normally should. Tell that supposed client that you cant do anything on your own and that it has to be processed by Fiverr before you can proceed.


Reply to @oldbittygrandma:

Thank you :slight_smile: I’ll make sure to be careful while talking to my buyer. And I’ll keep the support in mind in case I need something. Thanks :slight_smile:


Reply to @beatcraigslist:

Thanks for the advice :slight_smile: Aww…will ECheck be that troublesome?..The buyer needs the order in two weeks. Hmm…that’s really sad. But I guess I have to tell the buyer the truth.

Thanks again for letting me know. I don’t really know how ECheck works.


Reply to @jancolors: An E check is just like a regular check that you pay at a store with except it is done electronically. Just like a regular check, an E check will take 5 days to clear the bank. I find those to be common scam tactics so I don’t even bother when I get a notice of those. I know that they will fail every time. With small amounts of money like this, there is no reason why they cant use the regular instant Paypal payment methods. So, don’t feel bad, feel glad that you didn’t get scammed. Another tactic of most scams is to put pressure on you to hurry and ignore the obvious. Don’t fall for it. I explain scams to my readers on my blog all the time. Don’t fall for it.


Reply to @beatcraigslist:

I see. Thanks for explaining. I’ve been wondering what an Echeck is.

And thanks so much for the warning. I’ve been thinking about if whether I should go ahead and do the order anyway. But I guess I shouldn’t? Besides the buyer didn’t respond to my last messages. I told him to contact the support team because that’s what the fiverr support told me. If he doesn’t reply at all in the next few days, I’ll just forget about the order.

Thanks again :slight_smile:


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I recently had a buyer who ordered. He kept on asking me for updates and I had no clue which order he was talking about. The order showed up almost 2 days later. Weird. :-S


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I think mine appeared in like four days later. Because it took too long my buyer ended up ordering another gig through paypal. That’s good news for me as I ended up having two orders. Great thing the buyer was really nice :slight_smile:


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