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Please help!can anyone tell me what need to be changed in my gig in order get higher ranking in fiver



I want tell you to do use buyer request and also share your gig in social media.


The only way to rank higher in Fiverr is to deliver work that earns positive buyer reviews. This is the ONLY way to improve your rank here on Fiverr. Changing your gig or gig details will not – in and of itself – do anything to “improve your rank” on Fiverr.


This is not 100% true… i have seen many featured gig coming in the top of search page and that’s gigs come from level 1 sellers and that gig have below 100 review and with 95% profile rating of that seller.

fiverr editors can provide gig higher rank on fiverr. Because there is only few hundred sellers. who have more than 5k review.


can you tell me what should i change in my gig?


The OP was asking how THEY can improve their gig rank. In this case, my answer is 100% true. Fiverr editors choosing to feature a gig, is not something a seller can achieve, thus, your response is not accurate to the OP’s original question. :wink: