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Please Help - Confused about some Issues

Hello Friends,

I need your help. I am active on Fiverr from a month. A buyer ask me about a custom offer. I was ready to work, So he

provided me the details and I completed the work. Then he told me to send the bill. So I sent him a 15$ bill. He was nice

and gave me 10$ tip and 5 star rating. Then I did two more work for him. After completing work I used to send him the bill

(custom offer). he used to accept the offer. I used to mark it to delivered after completing it.

But the problem started, when he ask for another work. Instead of sending him a custom offer bill, I sent him attaching my

one of the gig ($30 total) that fits his need. He said he marked the work as completed and paid also. My Revenue is also

showing that

upcoming earnings : $24

but the order was still marked as incomplete. I don’t know why? It’s not the buyer fault. He is a very nice person. Its

something wrong with fiverr or me. I don’t know what. I told this to the buyer so he cancelled the order. Now I have to

accept or decline this cancellation. He want to fix this issue before moving further. I am confused what to do?. It will also hurt my ratings I think. Please somebody guide me.

you are having problems because you started to do the work for free before getting paid.

Never start to work for something and send a buyer the job and then a bill. There are no bills to send on Fiverr. Only start to do work AFTER the buyer orders your gig and pays for it.

Now about this $24/$30 order, a buyer does not have to mark an order as complete. AFter you deliver the work after three days it will automatically mark itself as being completed. If it has been over 3 days and you still see that message, then contact Customer Support.

Ohh thanks…l to Fiverr. I will keep that in mind next time.