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Please help! Corrupted file

Hello everyone! I’m relatively new to Fiverr (joined about 1.5 months ago or so) and I’ve recently stumbled upon a problem:

I’m a seller, and I finished an order yesterday and submitted it, but my buyer reported that she couldn’t save the file, and when she finally managed, the file was corrupted.
Now, the file I sent her was a .png for a vector portrait, and the resolution is quite high. She tried opening it on her phone AND on her laptop, but nothing worked. I also tried re-exporting the file from Illustrator and it still seems messed up.

I tried sending it to her again this morning, but I’m pretty sure it’s still corrupted because the preview of the order is all messed up. During my work, I sent her small updates with how it was coming along, and all the message previews were fine, so that’s what Im comparing it to.

Any thoughts? Should I lower the resolution? Is this a problem with my computer, or is it Fiverr?

Please help, and thank you in advance to anyone who replies!

UPDATE: I don’t know what it was, but she managed to get the file in the end, and it all worked itself out! She was a very understanding and polite client

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@artsis_br first of all welcome to the Fiverr forum… you should try to send the file in message option…or you should try to decrease the file size and try again

i have been sending png images as delivery files for last 4 years and i didn’t find any problem regarding file corruption. don’t need to decrease file size. just take a new png and deliver again.

Thank you for replying and thank you for the welcome!

If I do send it as a message, what do I do to finish the order? I thought about sending her any file, but I kind of wanted to show this on my live portfolio because as Im new, it’ll make me more creditable, right?

I’m not sure if I can lower the size, as it’s a part of my package: a certain size and resolution. If I lowered it, she wouldn’t be getting what she payed for

This .png is 14584 × 16667 pixels and 300dpi, I figured that was the issue, since none of the previews I sent her had any problems. I did try to re-export it from Illustrate but it still seems to be broken, any ideas?

this is comparatively very large file. i do maximum 8000 pix, 300DPI
i don’t think file size does matter

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The thing is: The file was sized at 3500x5000px, BUT when I exported it on Illustrator, it resized the file to match the 300ppi resolution. When I open it on my computer, the physical size of the image is normal, and it’s size is exactly 6.1 MB according to my computer