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Please help! Customer wants to cancel order


Last night January 23rd I was contacted by a buyer who wanted me to scrape a couple web pages. We spoke and came to an agreement. I sent him the gig and he accepted. Since It was due in 2 days I immediately made time between my other gigs to work on this and also had to assign resources (computers) to the project. The issue is that a few minutes ago the buyer requested I cancel the order because he no longer needs the data. No other details. I’m planning on asking him to expand on why he wants to cancel but don’t know if it is something I should do here on Fiverr. What happens if I decline the cancellation? I was only a few hours away from finishing this project so it’s a horrible feeling to put time and effort into something for no reason. Do I still have the right to fulfill the gig and charge him for it since we had a contract?


oh my goodness

that is not so nice.
and i dont know what to think…
if you complete the order and deliver, he could just disapprove it, and disapprove it again and again.
i think you should contact the support.


Thanks for the tip man, I will contact customer support. it’s a stressing situation because I also think that even if I complete the order and deliver maybe he will give me a bad rating and review just because I didn’t want to cancel



Unfortunately there are people out there who will only come here for FREE work.

They order, and then cancel/charge back the order.
Or they leave you horrendous feedback and then get a refund.

Pro Tip: Try to offer higher budget gigs, it brings better clientele.


I experienced a similar thing a while back. Sorry about it.

First tip: don’t deliver, and do not do any more work.

Agree to cancel, and then send the full exchange and any work completed to CS. They’ll review it and take necessary measures with the customer.

It’s possible if you can provide enough proof, that CS MAY be willing to find a way to reimburse you for your time lost. I’m not guaranteeing anything, but it’s possible.

Best of luck~


I appreciate everyone’s feedback on this.

@cornishseo you are definitely correct about offering higher budget gigs. it is something I started to notice. Usually buyers who spend less are a little more demanding. I’ve only been active on Fiverr for about a month and have noticed this trend.

@lkwelsh Thanks for the tip, I will be taking that advice to heart and we’ll see what happens.


When you have agreed to cancel, what would be the point to earn something good?


It’s the fact that you have already completed part of the project. Fiverr was willing at least with me to take that into account. But they did emphasize that if the buyer wan’t to cancel before delivery, you really don’t have a choice.