Please Help - Delivery Problems


Dear Members,

My One Buyer Did not Came Online,But I’m Delivered My Completed Documents.He Not came online after my Delivery.(Now 2 Days)

Now What I want to Do ?


Mostly buyer disappear after order

You don’t need to do anything! Your order will automatically complete after 3 days, and you’ll be able to withdraw your funds 14 days after that.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


Dear Friend,

What about Reviews ?


Buyers don’t have to leave reviews, but have 30 days in which to do so, if they want to. Please don’t message them to ask them for reviews! :slight_smile:


Dear Friend .
You are the Best.Thank you very much.:slight_smile:


The buyer can leave a review within 30 days even if the order is automatically marked as completed.

@offlinehelpers I think he should ask for review. I had the same case once, I asked the buyer for review and he happily left a review. But I knew that the job was done perfectly.

Review is very important on seller side, especially for new sellers.


Glad it worked out for you! Some buyers may not want to be pestered for reviews though. :wink:


Dear @mumar1991 ,

Yes.I Want reviews for Go to Level 1.
But Buyers are not came online ?


@djwaruna Keep eye on them, when they are online. Send them a polite message asking for a review. If you have done the work nicely and delivered on time, there is nothing bad to ask for a review.


Thanks @mumar1991,

I’m understand it now.Thank you !:slight_smile:


agree with @mumar1991


Yeah. @sanju1235, Thanks