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Please help get 2 Warning within 1 days. How i can overcome from this?

Get 2 warning from Fiverr. In mail, it is clearly mentioned that you are trying to contact outside of Fiverr. But I did not do. Please help me how I can overcome from this/

first to know how you got 2 warning , tell the whole story

Really i don’t know suddenly i get 2 mail back to back. warning 1 & warning 2. Few days back buyer send msg for my service. After hello he send me 1 image. when i download the attached file i saw phone no & sky** id. After that i report him & block him.

so you can ask to fiver why they send warning to you !

Can you post screenshots of the mails?

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Here is a screenshot.

So, one warning was for communication outside of Fiverr. The buyer sent you their contact info, and you blocked and reported them. However, did you contact them outside of Fiverr anyway? Or did you tell them anything that might be seen as accepting to contact them?

As for the second warning, that one is pretty broad, and it looks like you are violating third party’s terms of service, and/or using something you have no right to use. For example, you offer premium Yoast SEO plugin, but you don’t indicate that the buyer must purchase it (and since it costs $89 for 1 site and you offer it for $10, it definitely looks like you’re selling something you have no rights to sell).